Big Sky Masticators

We specialize in tree, brush and invasive species removal, wildlife habitat restoration, land clearing, logging slash removal, orchard slash removal, site preparation for development, fuels reduction for fire prevention, right-of-way clearing, and maintenance.

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Our operation

Big Sky Masticators services the western United States—Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington and California.

Our equipment includes a Rayco T275 Forestry Mulcher, a Gyro-Trac GT18 mulcher, a Prentice 2670 mulcher and an ASV PT100 skid steer with grapple and Fecon masticating attachment.

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So, what is mastication?

Mastication is a mechanical means of chipping, mulching, grinding or shredding of trees and vegetation using heavy equipment with purpose built attachments to treat the material. Mastication essentially chews up the wood and matter producing "mulch." This mulch is distributed over the cleared areas and provides soil erosion and moisture retaining properties. As an added benefit, this mulch will naturally decompose and reintroduce valuable nutrients back into the soil.

Vegetation Management

Ecologically friendly removal of trees, shrubs, and other vegetation includes distribution of material over the soil to prevent erosion and retain moisture while re-introducing nutrients back into the soil by natural decomposition.

Habitat Restoration

Removal of invasive vegetation supports reclamation of grazing land for livestock and game animals, and restoration of watershed to improve crops, meadows, woodlands and habitat for wild game animals including sage grouse, elk, deer, turkey, antelope, etc.

Site Preparation

Removal of trees and vegetation aids crop planting, silviculture, reforestation, real estate development, right of way clearing for water works, powerlines, gas and oil transmission pipelines, surveying and seismic exploration.

Fire Prevention

Thinning or removal of overburden of trees and vegetative matter serves to reduce catastrophic wildfires in wildland-urban interface, rural communities, national forests and parks, along with wildfire threats to public lands and private properties.

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